Centralized Content Management

• Consolidate your content into one powerful repository, facilitating content sharing among co-workers, increasing productivity, while granting security.

• Access to the repository directly from MS Office, AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor clients brings enterprise content management to everyone in the office.

• Protect your physical content and comply with regulatory policies. Benefit from unified physical archive integrated with electronic enterprise content management.

Global Collaboration

• Collaboration made easy between co-workers and global teams. Create projects and safely bring together customers and suppliers into the project.

• Leave comments, raise questions and report errors in the project forum. Create a project knowledge base.

• Get mobile access to enterprise content and participate in business processes while on the move.

Configuration Made Simple

• Configure and maintain your content management information model easily. Do not spend months or years to get your enterprise content management up and running.

Online vs Client/Server

• Enjoy our collaboration software as a Service (Online Edition).

• If you prefer to store your content in-house choose our (Enterprise Edition), based on the client/server business model.