Document Management

Using the document management features available from e-grou you can benefit from centralized management of your company documents. With e-grou you can organize them electronically the way that best fits your company’s needs. The need for physical archive space is reduced and the cost of copying and printing is dramatically reduced.

E-grou offers effective search mechanisms to quickly locate your documents, and provides a flexible and efficient security model. Integration with our mail and workflow management capabilities provides for unified records management and enables automation of business processes.

Integration with our physical archive capabilities allows for management of requests for paper originals and the associated check-out and check-in processes.

Document organization
Documents are organized dynamically according to smart views that are associated with predefined visualization criteria, letting you stop worrying about daily document organization. When you add a new document to e-grou it will be automatically associated with the corresponding smart folders.

Audit trail and version control
E-grou gives you a complete audit trail of the document life cycle, from the moment it was created until it is archived. All changes to a document are registered, allowing you to know for any version who changed it, what was changed, the date it was changed and why it was changed. You can see who approved a revision, the date of approval, the participants and their role in the workflow process.

Security in document access
With e-grou you may assign different levels of security to your documents, making it possible to specify in detail for each document the user groups and users that are allowed to access it and their access rights.

Searching documents
Users with the appropriate access rights may create public searches for general use and you may create and save your own private searches. All document properties are available to help you define the desired search criteria. Full-text searches are available as well.

Integration with MS Office, AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor
Connectors with MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio and Project and with the AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor suite of products, give you direct access to most e-grou document management capabilities from within these third party products.

Greater productivity at lower management costs
With e-grou you have electronic control over the document change, approval and distribution processes, shortening the time and cost that are traditionally associated with a paper based and hand-driven process.