With e-grou you can manage and control your company´s documents, increasing productivity, process efficiency and information security, regardless of the format and physical media used for the contents. There are four integrated modules: mail management; document management; Project management; and Workflow.

With e-grou you can manage the information created by the software applications used to support the administrative and technical activities of your organization, reducing the time spent for searching, handling, approval and distribution of these documents. E-grou captures the life cycle of document-based information, including for each revision, who changed it and the what, why and when.

Mail registers and documents are organized in smart folders and access is controlled according to assigned user rights. You can search for mail records and documents by navigating through the smart views or resorting to search criteria, including full-text searches.

You can create projects, define teams, involve customers and suppliers in the development process and assign them access rights. By promoting team collaboration, e-grou helps reducing errors, finding better solutions and shorten life-cycle project development. Project and document-based forums help stimulating and organizing the exchange of ideas.

You can use the workflow capabilities to circulate mail and documents without requiring any paper copies, reducing space requirements, speeding up document circulation and approval processes, while improving traceability and accountability. You can use both electronic and digital signatures in workflows.

Integration with other software solutions, such as ERP and CRM solutions is made easy with e-grou´s API. E-grou connectors use this API to integrate with MS Office applications; and the AutoCAD and Inventor suite of products from Autodesk. These connectors work with both windows and web e-grou clients. They allow users to register and checkin/checkout/approve documents from within these applications, simplifying work to information creators. With our MS Outlook connector you can register incoming and outgoing emails and attachments and import them directly from Outlook.