About Us

e-grou document management solutions Lda is a document management software solutions provider. The team has a solid experience in document management software development gained over more than two decades of previous work in the area.

Our company´s product is an enterprise oriented platform used to manage and control records, mail, documents, projects, physical archive and information in general in a web or windows environment. e-grou can be licensed as Software as a Service (SaaS) or according to the traditional client/server model.

e-grou Lda works to solve the needs of a large spectrum of organizations, from civil construction, to product design and development, consulting, public administration, all having in common the need for high level of document control.

We are committed to contribute to make document management technologies available to the large community of companies that may benefit from it, especially to small and medium size companies. We offer free concurrent licenses and remote storage to these companies, to let them experience the benefits of using a technologically advanced solution to organize and manage your documents.