Project Management

Project teams need to communicate, share ideas, make decisions, create, modify and get approved many documents during project development. Using e-grou, team members access project documents easily and securely, promoting collaboration across organizational boundaries.

The e-grou project forum promotes reuse of intellectual capital encouraging team members to bring forward new ideas, discuss issues, point out errors, improving interactivity and promoting concurrent project development. In the end better quality, shorter project development times, and greater profits.

E-grou gives you the tools needed for online project management and team collaboration, letting you enjoy the benefits of centralized management of project documents. You can bring safely together into the project workspace suppliers and customers and foster document collaboration. For each project, you can define roles and assign people to roles. Team members, customers and suppliers can access project documents, according to their specific access rights.

You can specify what e-grou should do with the project documents, for each document type, once the project is closed, enforcing management rules and increasing control.