Centralized and unified content management facilitate content sharing and improve security;

Smart folders, let anyone find easily the information he is looking for;

Change control ensures that anyone will always work with the right version of a file;

History trail on documents shows who did what and why;

User-friendly interface, accessible from any web browser, simplifies access to content while on the move;

Integrated mail records management improves accountability and compliance with regulatory policies;

Project/Team workspaces promote collaboration with global teams on content, easily and securely;

Integrated workflow expedites routing and approval of content increasing productivity, traceability and transparency of processes;

Task pane shows all your overdue, upcoming and assigned tasks in same window;

Integrated physical archive promotes compliance with regulatory policies and management of physical content;

Bulk tools facilitate content import and changes to security model and metadata;

Web services based API facilitates integration with third party and in-house applications;

The security model ensures that only authorized people can access content with unique login.

e-grou Office

Open any e-grou file from MS Office, edit, save it back and request for approval;

Create a new file from Office and save it in e-grou.

e-grou Outlook

Upload and register email and attachments to e-grou;

Upload email attachments to e-grou;

Add contacts and attachments from e-grou;

Fill automatically document card metadata once you register the first email from a conversation thread.

e-grou AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor

Open any e-grou file from AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor, edit, save it back and request for approval;

Upload drawing and XRefs/references;

Create a new file from AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor and save it in e-grou;

Synchronize drawing properties/iProperties with e-grou properties.

Document and Project discussion forums

Discuss document content and promote collaboration;

Discuss project issues, share ideas, point out errors and preserve knowledge.


Project/Team workspaces;

Secure document collaboration;

Tasks, document forum threads, comments;

Business workflows;

Add-ins for desktop applications; and e-grou-clients;

Project discussion forums;

Upload and work on documents while on the go.

Document Sharing

Access control by: user, user group, department and project;

Version and revision history trail;

Custom document property fields;

Custom revision property fields;

Templates per document type;

Optional digital signature to approve documents;

Optional disable edit after document approval;

On document creation/checkin edit access permissions;

Comments tracked to document versions;

Full text searches;

Search on document properties;

Document discussion forum threads;

Event activity trail on documents;

Relations between related document versions;

Notification of changes in document status;

Routing and approve history trail;

Retention policies.

Business Processes

Predefined and ad-hoc routing and approval business workflows;

Access control by: user and user group;

Personal and business workflow tasks;

Routing and document approval workflows;

Attach files, records, contacts and entities to tasks;

Assign tasks;

Notifications on task initiation and completion;

Auto reminders;

Delegate and follow-up tasks;

Search on task fields;

Personal overdue, upcoming and assigned tasks;

Personal open, overdue and closed processes;

Organize tasks and processes in folders;

Custom task fields;

Confidential tasks.


Forum and email support;

Remote Administration support;

Helpdesk ticket submission.


Bulk content upload;

Bulk metadata changes;

Bulk permission changes;

Data export tool;

Configuration, reporting and statistics tools;

Configuration policies;

License management;

Event audit and management;

Vault recycle bin management.

Integration with 3rd Party Applications

• Robotic Email Importer;

Access to API development package;

Single Sign-On;

Import from Active Directory;

Custom development;

SAP Integration;

Navision Integration;

Primavera Software Integration;

MS Office Integration;

AutoCAD, Revit and Inventor Integration.


Windows, Web and Mobile available.


Single and multiple file uploading;

All file types supported;

Custom templates for bulk import.


Access control by: user and user-groups.