Why ECM?

Daily activity creates a number of difficulties that often are at the origin of innumerable problems that cost so much time and money to your organization. Searching for documents, repairing the problems caused by using the wrong version of a document or recovering a deleted document are common problems to most companies.

If you cannot answer satisfactorily to several of the following questions you should definitely consider to introduce a document management solution to help you solving your problems.


• Is there a complete audit trail for each document?

• Is the “wrong” version of a document often used by mistake?

• Is it known which documents can be scanned and destroyed?

• Are accurate mail records kept for each document?

• Are discussions and comments about a document retained?


• Do you use one central archive for emails, paper and electronic documents?

• Is the same document copied several times?

• Do you waste considerable time looking for documents?

• Can you know who is getting behind his tasks?

• Can you access content or work on tasks, while on the move?


• Can access to content be effectively controlled?

• Are documents getting deleted or lost unintentionally?

• Can lost or deleted documents be recovered?

• Is it safe to collaborate with external teams?

• Can people share and work safely on documents?