Mail Management

Keeping incoming and outgoing mail organized is a generalized problem companies have to face today. Mail comes in different physical supports and often there is no central distribution point, particularly when it comes to e-mails. To deal with these problems we need well-defined procedures and a software solution to facilitate unified and centralized management of the different mail supports.

With e-grou you can capture and register mail in paper and electronic supports; capture emails and attachments; organize and search within the same unified environment all mail records; and route them using the integrated workflow management capabilities available in e-grou.

Organization of mail registers
Mail registers are organized dynamically in smart folders according to chosen criteria. Each new mail register is automatically made available inside the smart folders according with the criteria.

Mail registration
You can digitalize documents and associate them automatically to a mail register; associate electronic files in a network folder to a mail register; and register paper documents and specify their physical location.

Integration with MS Office applications
With e-grou you can register emails directly from within MS Outlook and automatically import and associate e-mail messages and the attached documents to a mail register. You can also register and import documents from within Word, Excel and Power Point MS Office, AutoCAD and Inventor applications directly into e-grou.

Electronic routing and dispatch
With e-grou you can route with ease mail within your organization, visualize the progress status of your mail routing and dispatch processes, and know who participated, what was done, why and when. You can access the efficacy of your processes and work towards improving it them.

Simple and efficient search mechanisms
Users with the appropriate access rights may create public searches for general use and you may create and save your own private searches. Searches can be constructed using both e-grou system properties and customized properties.

Safe access to mail registers
Access to mail registers is controlled, with users accessing mail according to specified access rights. Documents associated to mail records have their own access rights.

Robotic email importer
It is possible to configure a robot in e-grou to automatically get emails directly from the e-mail server, automatically import and associate e-mail messages and the attached documents to a new mail register, organize and route them within your organization.